Mad Max Style

Injured, I was unable to ride my bicycle for a while.Because of the medical expenses, I couldn’t buy the bike I was going to buy.So I bought only the cycle carrier and attached it to the rear gate.This is also aimed at raising awareness of early recovery.

<!–サイクルキャリア–>Cycle carrier

Bumperless LegacyIt was damaged, and the bumper position which had been removed was attached because there was space which was just to say that the winch should be attached.This is useful for helping cars that get stuck in the snow.Thus, my Legacy became even more mad max.

However, when you park in the parking lot of a convenience store, you will be seen with a side view as if you were looking at something that you should not see.Then, the damaged part of the damaged bumper was cut out and covered.
Electric winch

A crane was attached to the light truck.Both the crane, Legacy’s winch and carrier were installed on the weekend immediately after the operation.If the doctor hears it, it will be disgusted.

The crane will probably only lift about 200 kilograms because the reinforcement of the foundation is insufficient and there is no outrigger.But that’s enough for my assumptionwork.

After installing the snowmobile lift system seen on Youtube, it will be completed.

Snowmobile Lift

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