King Number 4 Lift

King No.4 Lift

Having lots of sunny day in March. Ice particle with high water content are not welcomed very much though.

By the way, Japanese zarame-yuki and English cone snow are treated as similar. However, the snow that many Japanese associate with zarame is not snow that they want to put in their mouth like Cone Snow.

Chilly weather is back again in sunny day, I went to the Hirafu ski resort at lunchtime. Zarame-yuki that covered the slope have shrinked. It is as smooth as shaved ice shaved at a shop. This should be called corn snow, not Zarame-yuki

Then I got on the King 4th lift heading to the top.

In the spring ski season, I plan to enjoy kiting on snow using Kiroro’s gondola at the Airfield.

The fun winter is not over until March 17th at HANAZONO Banked Slalom.

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