Snow kite in Chisenupuri


I’ve actively been trying new place for snowboarding with or without kite in this season. Today, I decided to head to the rolling snow field spreading from the middle of Chisenupuri. I’m concerned there as a field of kiting for a long time.

Under clear skies, I headed to the parking lot at the foot of Mt. Chisenupuri. It’s only 15 minutes from home. The snow field to go to is also in Rankoshi town, so it is an adventure in the town.

Since I have to climb the elevation difference of about 300 meters, there is only one kite on my back. I can’t change the kite in other size even if I find that the kite on my back doesn’t fit the wind after climbing. I chose the smallest 6m and started walking.

I’ve got the destination in about an hour. The triple peaks are Mt. Shaknage from the left, and the next is probably Venus Hill.

The snow is fantastic. The clouds swept away by the wind and the shadow of the snowfields are beautiful.

I have hardly ever been scared by a 6m kite. But the wind in the mountain was horrible, so I placed the harness for mooring.

The kite was a little smaller than the wind speed. However, there are strong blows from time to time, so I think I made a better choice on the point of safety.

If you can amplify the power freely by looping a small kite, you should be able to enjoy it safely in this field. I was able to enjoy it 120% even though I struggled with the lack of wind. It’s the best field if you don’t mind to have a hard time climbing.

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