Powder Surfing

K2 GYRATOR改スノーサーフィンボード

As a result of the basic practice at snow skating selected as a response to a major injury, it became possible to skate by snow skating roughly to the middle slope.If it’s a snow surface with an edge, I think it’s possible to make a turn that doesn’t feel bound-free.From those snow skating experiences, I felt that binding-free is effective in snow kites.After the JSBA tournament, they were going to enjoy a snow kite.

It is a great stress to take the boot off the binding while the kite is fried.I have two-action SP United and one action FLOW, but there’s not much difference in the stress of desorption.If binding-free is possible, the fun double is inevitable.You can slide out like jumping on a skateboard.

There is another advantage of riding a binding-free board with a snow kite.It is that the position of the foot can be easily changed.As a result, it comes to be able to ride in a comfortable position according to the state of the snow.This is a big advantage especially when powder snow.

And I looked for a binding-free board that could be used with powder.Now, let’s organize the categories of binding-free boards.

Selling Ding Free Snowboard

Powder Surfing Board

If you look into this and that, it seems that Japan was ahead of Japan in the culture of riding a binding-free board with powder.It has been produced in several workshops, including Gomei’s MAKE snowboard.In addition to sales purposes, workshops are also held in various places.In Bifuka-cho, Hokkaido, the town is held to create snow toys.

When I was looking at some snowboards at the Second Outdoor Kawazoe store in Sapporo, GrassROOTS’s board caught my eye.While Japanese snowboards are handmade snow toy kites, GRASSROOTS’s boards have a high texture.When I looked into it in detail, I noticed that there was a model of 3D shape.This shape seems to work well when going straight with the board in the snow kite.


On grassroots’s board, I aimed at a 150cm 3D-based pintail.Ribtech’s banana hammocks are snow-kiteand, so I thought I didn’t have to have a side curve.


GRASSROOTS doesn’t seem to be supposed, but I think it’s the perfect board for snow kites with deep powder.

One thing that bothers me is that you need to change the direction of your body or upwind with a toe edge.Then, I decided to process the board of the twin on hand to the binding-free before buying a new board.

Binding-free processing on twin chip boards

K2 GYRATOR Kai Snowsurfing Board

The original board is K2 GYRATOR.It is a powder board that adopted the reverse shape rather than the locker in the age when the locker board was not common.I pasted a non-slip to this.

Binding-free machining

The black sheet is a urethane sponge.The effect is confirmed by HOVLAND which I own.For comparison, it was to ride the grip sheet when the direction of travel has changed.

More Trials

One day when I was having a pleasant delusion at night, I was badly injured by snow skating. The sound of the ligament breaking, the posture at that time, and the symptom immediately after convinced the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.If you look it up on the Internet, it seems that reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation of about six months are necessary.

I overcame the trials and had a pleasant winter to come, but I felt like I was driven into despair again.I took an MRI at the hospital in preparation for an operation.The doctor says the ligament has not been cut.”Then, what’s that sound?Let’s believe in the happiness in the misfortune though the anxiety remains.Hopefully in March, if it gets loose, i might be able to recover to the next few days when I can ride a snowkite.

The black part surrounded by red is the anterior cruciate ligament.

However, I think that three major injuries in less than a year are overkill by myself.When I talked to Mr. H in the neighborhood about this injury, I was in love with him.

But I’m sure I’ll take the same risk if the wound heals.


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