a player with a broken spine

Rusutsu Ski Area

As ski resorts across the country suffer from a lack of snow, Rusutsu seems to be blessed with snowfall.On the last Sunday of January, when the Snow Festival and Spring Festival began, I participated in the Snowboard Technical Championship Hokkaido.What’s unfortunate is that my spine is broken.He was injured in a kite about two months ago.

Two months ago, I was kite-frying in the park.It was more of a snow-kite training than a play.I knew the wind was in bad condition.However, there were days when I couldn’t practice under bad conditions, so I made it hard to practice.

When the kite was directly above it, a gust of wind caused the body to float in the air.I felt it lifted higher by the next gust of wind.I didn’t know how high I had reached, but it was too early to fall.I fell to the ground from my back and couldn’t breathe for a while.

I couldn’t get up even after my breath recovered.I was aware of the severe pain in my back.While he was sleeping waiting for his recovery, he fought with a delusion that he would be bedridden with a serious disability.Even though it was a park right next to the town hall, strangely no one came to help.And a few tens of minutes later, I was finally able to wake up.

I can walk, but there seems to be a problem with the nerve system of the right foot.I managed to recover the kite by the slow operation, and returned to the home by car.I didn’t go to the hospital for various reasons.

After that, I was almost bedridden for a week and waited for my recovery.Just as I tried to lie down on the bed, the pain ran.I was so scared of the pain i had when I woke up, I couldn’t get out of bed.

My point of view was a herniated disc.I thought that physical therapy was a case to be chosen rather than surgery.So I created an instrument to strengthen the muscles of my back and hung it from the bed.This helped a lot not only for physiotherapy, but also for getting on and off the bed.

Self-made rehabilitation equipment

After ten days, the pain has subsided considerably.After January, I was able to stand up and work.At one point, he recovered to a level where snowboarding was not possible.

The reason why I didn’t go to the hospital was also resolved, so I went to see him.Looking at the MRI images, the doctor told him that the eighth and ninth sternums were broken.

Thoracic fracture

Fortunately, it doesn’t compress the spinal cord, and the cracking is beautiful, so it heals naturally.

I was relieved that the cause was clear.However, it seems to be better not to overdo it.It was snow skating that came to the pin at that time.Because there is no binding, it should not be able to do an unreasonable run.That’s why I thought I could train my sense of riding on a board without difficulty.The Moiwa Ski Area, which is in and out of it, is a great place to ride because you can skate all the mountains snow skating.In addition, if you can ride without binding, snow kites will be fun.Above all, the legend of snowboarding Terier Haaconsen was hit by a video riding snow skating.

And I bought snow skating.In the picture below, snow skating is placed on the ground.The snowboards are split boards and powder boards.

Snow skating

I practiced without difficulty in snow skating, and set up the strategy to change to the board for the technical warfare just before the tournament.He expected the development of the technology to ride the board without overdoing it by the injury.

It was clear that my expectation was empty, and it was not possible to ride on the board at all at the stage on the day before the tournament.Still, i expected a miracle, and went to the tournament.However, in the first event, it was too miserable to fall.In addition, because the board which I chose to not put a burden on the spine was out of the official article of the tournament, I was disqualified because I could not even appear in the two events that remained.

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