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You can see a huge sign that says HANAZONO about 5 minutes by car from the junction planned site of the high standard road extending from Yoichi. In the direction of the sign, there is a splendid road with two lanes on both sides of a huge median. There is a HANAZONO resort that continues to be developed beyond this road, which is over-spec for the current traffic volume.

Gate of Hanazono

Go straight and you will find the HANAZONO golf course. A ski slope is visible above the road.

Main Street of Hanazono

Jumping into an International Tourism City

In the HANAZONO area, the G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting is going to be held on October 25th and 26th. The Park Hyatt Hotel and Park Hyatt Residence (condominium) under construction are also expected to open in January.

Park Hyatt under construction

The HANAZONO area was originally developed by Tokyu. It was transferred to an Australian capital company in 2004 and to a Hong Kong capital company in 2007. Hong Kong-capital company Pacific Century Premium Developments (PCPD) has announced an investment of more than 100 billion yen The HANAZONO area will be attracting a lot of attention as soon as the hotel opens.

The finest powder snow

The HANAZONO area is located on the northeast side of Mount Annupuri. Snow quality is the best because it is not easily affected by sunlight. The number of lifts is small, but the powder area adjacent to the course is huge.


PCPD has also acquired the Niseko Weiss Ski Area, and it seems that the gondolas from HANAZONO to Niseko Weiss Ski Area, where the plans were announced, have already begun construction. Niseko Weiss Ski Resort is a ski resort that once sold powder snow. With this connection, the powder snow area of HANAZONO will be expanded further.

Hanazono New Gondola

According to Niseko’s free paper “POWDER LIFE”, the existing first quad seems to have a new lift design to replace. It seems to be a heated leather seat with a suspension for each seat, with a 6-seat with hood.

6 person lift

Keep an eye on the development of HANAZONO for a while.

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