The articles on this site were independently edited by the author living in Rankoshi-cho.

I have never used Chisenupuri ski slopes when the lift was in operation, and I have no particular feelings about Chisenupuri. Since I live in the town, I heard a bad reputation about HBC (Hokkaido Backcountry Club) operating an exclusive ski area only for their customer after Rankoshi-cho transferred the facility. Then I decided to look into the details.

After getting some background knowledge, I went to Rankoshi-cho to interview. Then I could talk to Mr. Yamauchi, the deputy mayor. However, Mr. Yamauchi did not feel the need to deal with the bad reputation of HBC operations. Mr. Yamauchi insisted that if there is a complaint about opration the ski slopes, they should talk to the landowner, Hokkaido. As I learned later, Mr. Yamauchi was General Manager and he was in charge of the sale project when the Chisenupuri Ski slopes was being sold.

After that, I asked Rankoshi-cho to re-cover, and I interviewed including the mayor and deputy mayor (Mr. Yamauchi). I will publish it as an article. I also publish articles edited along with the case of another local government. Furthermore Hokkaido, where Mr. Yamauchi seems to have passed the responsibility.

Kazuya Nomura