How I moved to Niseko

In the summer of 2015, I decided to leave the company.
It wasn’t a planned retirement, so I was not preparing for it.

The mortgage was still about 10 million yen left.
I had to support my daughter financialy for a year and a half until she graduate from college.
In addition, I had borrowed hundreds of thousands Yen to buy a large amount of toys to play in the sea and mountains.

So I decided to sell off my assets and move to the countryside.
Fortunately, 2 million yen left even if I could sell my apartment and pay off the loan.

I set the expiration of employment insurance on the deadline and considered the place to move to.
At the same time, I digested what I couldn’t do so far.

I had no intention of prioritizing my job to consider where I would move to.
I had made a lot of efforts not to be tied up by companies.
So I thought I could manage my work.

The requirements were to have a sea for kitesurfing and a mountain for snowboarding nearby. Because it was hard to go snowboarding from Yokohama where I lived for a long time. It also took about an hour to get to the beach, even using toll roads.

After a lot of consideration, when I decided to move to Hokkaido, I happened to find a job offer in Niseko. I planned that living near the mountain for a while and then move near a beach.

This is how I decided to live around Niseko.